Ovidiu Lesan – PresetOMania II

What this course contains:
If you follow Ovidiu Leșan, you probably know that he changes his editing style every two years.
As a result, .
After the resounding success of PresetOmania I, it was expected that at some point an update would follow that would impress you! There are 12 presets that he worked hard on, finishing them and resetting them hundreds of times, until he managed to get some exceptional finishes.

What you gain by using PresetOMania II:
Learn to edit quickly and easily from Ovidiu’s experience,
You no longer have to miss years of your life and lose money to find the right editing style,
You greatly reduce the chances of failure (over the years there are also clients who are not satisfied with the editing),
You save time – it will be very easy for you to apply them to your photos
You will have more time for other events or for what is important to you,
Increase the quality of your photos exposed in the media,
Your clients and colleagues will perceive you as a better prepared and inspired photographer,
You win customers – because editing will take less time,
Customers will be happy to receive the pictures quickly and this increases the chances of referral,
You increase your income – you will spend less time editing,
You will be able to take more events and thus make more money.
Below we show you the effect of the presets from PresetOMania II on some of Ovidiu’s images:


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