Jen Rozenbaum – Boudoir Photographer’s Guide to Lingerie

Boudoir Photographers Guide to Lingerie PDF

The Boudoir Photographers Guide to Lingerie PDF is chock full of information for both you and your clients. 

First, you learn about all different types of lingerie. You’ll learn the difference between a bustier and a corset. Which type of bra is best for flattering your client. The difference between the different thigh high styles. 

Then, you will read about tips and tricks. What do I keep in my studio in case of emergency? What kind of shoes are my favorite? Etc…

As a bonus – when you order you will get a customizable cheat sheet to present your clients to help THEM pick what is best for their shoot. Just add your logo and images and BAM! Better boudoir sessions for everyone! 

The PDF is 80 pages. The Cheat Sheet is 6 pages and I also included a bonus packing list, customizable for your clients.  

Please purchase carefully. No refunds given on any digital purchases. All sales are final. Please back up your files, download is only available once. 


   Jen Rozenbaum

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