London photographer Eren Sarigul who regularly makes trips to Canada, Istanbul and Tokyo, Japan.

Eren Sarigul Is a Photographer & Filmmaker known for documenting his travels and has already been featured in two publications and published his solo book ‘Across Japan.’

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Eren Sarigul is a Londoner, born and raised. Growing up in a working class south London council estate from an ethnic background in a multicultural city exposed Eren to a myriad of different cultures. Being an outsider, thinking outside of the box, beyond the norms was part of growing up. An outsider, accepted into the melting pot that is the great city of London. 

Eren’s love for photography sprung to life following a trip to Japan in 2014 where he used his iPhone to take photographs to show friends and family who had never left the country let alone gone half way across the world to Japan.

Fast forward to the present day and Eren’s photography has gained him international attention, from inclusion in various publications with Mendo (Amsterdam) and Trope (Chicago) to working with major global brands (Fujifilm, Samsung, Microsoft).

Eren featured in Trope’s Tokyo book, has launched a solo book Across Japan in 2022 and is currently working on several unannounced film & photography projects.

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