How to Share Your Presets or Luts

1. Register an account and log in the allpreset site.

3. Add new preset

4. Write the preset infomation


  • The preset title is best in photographer name + preset name format, for example Brad Matthews – The Master Collection.
  • The preset description just copy from the office site.
  • Delete the extra ‘-‘ in the URL Slug. The best slug is brad-matthews-the-master-collection. brad-matthews—the-master-collection is bad.
  • Download the featured image of office site and set to our featured image.
  • Copy the preset title to the Excerpt.
  • Must select a photographer
  • Must input the Source url, for example
  • Must input download link, gdrive or mega
  • When password is setted, someone must input the correct password to get the download link. If the preset is secret, just set the password.
  • The coin set to 0.

5. Check and Publish

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  1. hi @root, Ive been here for awhile way before this invite code was added. And I really do not see any explanation or guide to obtain the invite code. It would be really helpful if I have a way to ask.

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